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The Christmas Story in Art

The Christmas Story in Art
Thursday 12th December 2024 10.45am and 2.15pm. Simultaneous transmission a.m. only
Sarah Ciacci
In this talk we will look at works of art that depict episodes from the story of Christmas.
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We will look at paintings of Mary and Joseph, as well as Mary with her baby son Jesus, we will see the Shepherds and the Three Kings visiting the new-born child, and see how artists have depicted these scenes differently over the centuries to remind us of the story of Christmas.
Sarah Ciacci has an MA in History of Art (Late 19th century French Painting and 20th Century Art) from University College London. She has been a Blue Badge Guide for London since 2008, specialising in art, museums and galleries, so relevant tours and visits for talks can be arranged. Since 2008 she has trained Blue Badge Guides in the National Gallery and is an art lecturer for trainee guides in Tate Britain, Tate Modern and for a period the National Portrait Gallery. She is a gallery educator and Adjunct Faculty at Richmond University (since 2008) teaching the History of British Art, the History of Museums in London and the History of London, and runs regular courses and independent lectures on a variety of art historical periods.