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Special Interest Days

Tuesday 20th April 2021 - Three Virtual Talks Lecture 1: 10.00am-11.00am  Lecture 2: 12.30pm-1.30pm Lecture 3: 3.30pm-4.30pm

Lecturer: Mark Cottle

'When England had Scarcely Begun': Sutton Hoo and the Lindisfarne Gospels

Sutton Hoo and the Lindisfarne Gospels provide remarkable insights into the England of the 7th century. 

Sutton Hoo, Near Woodbridge, Suffolk


Early in the century, a great ship was dragged ashore from the river Deben in Suffolk. 

It became the burial place of a powerful Anglo-Saxon warlord, buried with a mound of treasures from all over the known world.  Fine weaponry, gold coins and exquisitely crafted jewellery reflected levels of sophistication which were a revelation. 

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Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 10.30am Booking Thursday 15th April or online if necessary

Lecturer: Peter Medhurst


Peter Medhurst, renowned musician, singer, lecturer and scholar, follows his May lecture on Beethoven with a day devoted to the composer (as in his Mozart 2020 duo for TASH).  Beethoven is one of the most admired composers in the repertoire; his exceptional creativity is set against both his increasing deafness and a period of turmoil in European history. 

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Thursday 4th November 2021, 10.30am at Phyllis Court or Online if necessary (Booking Thursday 16th September 2021)

Lecturer: Suzanne Perrin

The Silk Road: Past and Present

The Silk Road has held a fascination for travellers since the early Christian era, and many traders, religious pilgrims and conquerors have passed through the settlements and towns that stretch from Central Asia to the East China Sea.  Along the various routes that make up the network of the ‘Silk Road’ – itself a misnomer – flourished an exotic mixture of cultures from Arabic, Turkic, Iranian, Indian, Mongolian, Chinese and Tibetan sources.

Mogao Caves, Dunhuang

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Tuesday 20th April 2022 Online at 10.30am

Lecturer: Mary Alexander

Why Paris? 1900-1947

Following her immensely popular New York presentation, Mary Alexander returns with another entertaining and stimulating day ‘exploring how and why the city of Paris has acted as both a magnet and a cauldron of talent for aspiring artists and designers during he first half of the 20th century. 

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TASH Special Interest Days Booking Arrangements

Members have the chance to experience a topic in some depth during a Special Interest Day. The subject might be one in which you already have an interest or one which just catches your eye as potentially interesting. The smaller group, with refreshments and lunch provided, gives an opportunity for relaxed socialising and discussion. Places fill quickly for popular speakers so it is advisable to arrive early on booking dates.

Booking opens prior to the monthly lectures at 9.30 am for Morning members and at 13.30 pm for Afternoon members in the Ballroom at Phyllis Court (PCC) two months before the date of the Special Interest Day. Bookings are only accepted on receipt of cash or cheque paid to TASH (The Arts Society Henley). Members may book for themselves and one other member, in which case names, cash or cheque(s) for both members must be received at time of booking.

Telephone and email bookings will be accepted after 4.30 pm on the first booking date if places are still available.

Please note that places may not be taken by non-members except by prior agreement.

Cancellation: We regret that payment will only be refunded if the event is fully booked and the place is taken by another member on the waiting list.

Robert Gurney is the Committee member responsible for Special Interest Days.

Telephone: 07828 505133

 Email:        robert.gurney@ntlworld.com