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Special Interest Days

Photography as Fine Art Wednesday 22nd November 2023 at The Henley Rugby Club (Booking Thursday 21st September 2023)

Lecturer: Brian Stater

Photography as Fine Art

We will look first at how the work of great photographers can be measured against the key genres of painting in Portraiture, Landscape and Narrative.

Thursday 7th March 2024

Lecturer: David Tovey

Cornish Art

Decorative Arts and Art History

TASH Special Interest Days Booking Arrangements

Members have the chance to experience a topic in some depth during a Special Interest Day. The subject might be one in which you already have an interest or one which just catches your eye as potentially interesting. The smaller group, with refreshments and lunch provided, gives an opportunity for relaxed socialising and discussion. 
Special Interest Days are currently being offered in a hybrid version at Phyllis Court and simultaneously transmitted live on the day via You Tube with one easy link (sorry, no recording will be available). This will accommodate those members who are still reluctant to gather in person and will eliminate a problem we have sometimes had of these events being oversubscribed.

At present members are able to book online or at the lecture two months before the Special Interest Day.  Details of how to book come with the newsletter that same month. The charge for these Special Interest days reflects the cost of the lecturer and either the venue and refreshments/lunch or the online technician’s fee. Please note that bookings are not valid until payment has been received.

Cancellation: We regret that payment will only be refunded if the event is fully booked and the place is taken by another member on the waiting list.
Diana Jones is the Committee member responsible for Special Interest Days.
Telephone: 07799 661459 or 0118 947 8762 
 Email:        diana.jones@btinternet.com