• Henley DFAS

Special Interest Days

Lars Tharp Thursday 13 June (booking Thursday 18 April) Venue: The Finlay Suite, Phyllis Court Club Begins at: 10.30 a.m.

Lecturer: Lars Tharp

Rags and Riches: London High Life and Low

Lars Tharp’s day will open with “Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China” linking the life and works of William Hogarth to the wider world of ceramics.

Siân Walters Tuesday 12 November (booking Thursday 19 September)

Lecturer: Siân Walters

Raphael and his Rivals

Raphael, one of the world’s great artists, died in 1520 in Rome aged 37 at the height of his artistic career in which he rivalled both established painters such as Michelangelo and younger contempo