• Henley DFAS

2020 Autumn Holiday Georgia and Azerbaijan

30th September - 11th October 2020

We very much regret that due to the Pandemic Covid 19 this holiday has been cancelled.


Join us for another adventure to two very different countries.  Both were influenced by and benefited from Silk Road trade and both were part of the Soviet Union for almost a century.  Since their independence in 1991 they have developed very differently and we will explore these differences through their history, art, architecture and food, and discover the influences of Eastern Orthodoxy and Islam.  

We will have guides in both countries.

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This holiday will be more challenging than usual, so in the interests of safety and the enjoyment of all participants, it will be necessary to have the strength and agility to cope with the physical conditions, as well as being able to cope with different circumstances and be able to travel light and lift and carry your own luggage without assistance, particularly when crossing the 600m (656 yards) border between Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The Itinerary


   The itinerary, dates and prices cannot be finalised until hotels are confirmed and    the  airline schedules  published, but  it  is likely  we  will depart 30th September,    returning on 11th October 2020.  Costs are likely to  be  about £2 450 per  person        double occupancy and about £3 060 per person single.





In the event the holiday is over-subscribed, or the committee considers members not  able  to   meet  the challenges,  the committee  reserves the  right to allocate places by way of a ballot and / or if necessary to ask applicants, who in their view will   find  the  conditions  beyond  their  capacity to cope  safely and reliably  and without complaint, to reconsider.

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