• Henley DFAS

Broughton Grange Gardens and Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire

Tuesday 11 July 2017 (Booking 18 May)

Broughton Grange Gardens are distinguished by an impressive walled terraced garden designed by Tom Stuart-Smith, six times Chelsea gold medalist.  This private visit is an opportunity to experience the artistry of our most celebrated garden designer in a relaxed country setting.  We will then travel the short distance to lunch at our next destination.  Broughton Castle, owned by the same family since 1377, is 'the most beautiful of houses, medieval in a 16th century shell entered across a moat and through a gatehouse, almost a standard kit for an idyll' (Alan Bennett).  Some of the interiors during our private tour might seem familiar;  the BBC production of Wolf Hall was filmed here, a reminder that the Castle, for all its serenity, resonates with historical struggle, not only in the Tudor period but also the Civil War.