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A Live Walking tour of the District of Venice called Dorsoduro

Thursday 8th April 2021 live online at 2.00pm. An email will be sent to you the day before with a link to it.
Luisella Romeo
A Delightful Live, Online Walking Tour
in the District of Dorsoduro, Venice

Dorsoduro is a large section of Venice, lying south and stretching up to the port of the city, created in the late 1880s. Our tour begins near this section and in particular at the Campo di San Nicolò dei Mendicoli, where mainly fishermen would live. Known also as the Nicolotti, the inhabitants of this part of Venice were very poor and we’ll admire what today are lovely examples of minor Venetian architecture.

Nearby you will see the church of the Archangel Raphael with young Tobia, and the church of San Sebastiano where Paolo Veronese left some of his most significant works and where he was buried. We will finally visit the very well-known Squero Tramontin. The “squero” is a term in Venice defining boatyards and this one in particular was the one where the gondola acquired the famous asymmetrical shape it is known for today.

We will meet with Elena Tramontin who will tell us about the secrets of the boat building construction and about her family, who, for five generations, has built and maintained gondolas.
Our tour guide, Luisella Romeo, has been a Venice Tourist Guide since 2000.  This will be a live, in real time, guided walking tour of Venice.  The duration of the tour will be approximately one hour plus time for questions.

Luisella has sent us a map of Dorsoduro, with her route marked in red. Click here to see it.