• Henley DFAS



Malaga, with its museums, history, waterfront, architecture and beaches makes an excellent holiday destination.  Our group of 31 stayed in a hotel in the heart of the old town and found Malaga to be an exciting, vibrant city with world class museums - an offshoot of the Pompidou and of the Hermitage, as well as a Picasso Museum (Picasso was born in Malaga), the Automobile Museum and Alcaza, the Moorish castle.  The highlight, however, was the Crystal and Glass Museum where the group was personally taken round the beautiful old palace by the owner, a charming Englishman. 

On a day out into the country to Antequera the group was very lucky as that quintessential white washed hill town was celebrating the Procession of the Virgin Mary, a wonderful spectacle with marching bands, dignitaries and what looked like half the population parading through the streets.  This, together with a fine museum and excellent restaurants, made for a wonderful experience.  Antequera, like all of Andalucia, has a rich history encompassing the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moors.