• Henley DFAS

NADFAS Annual Art Competition

Every year Henley DFAS (Decorative and Fine Arts Society) is invited by The Henley College and The Piggott School in Wargrave to view the artwork of their sixth form students.

This summer members of the Henley DFAS committee selected works from six students for submission to a national competition organised by NADFAS (the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) and the Royal Association of British Artists.    These works included painting, sculpture and intriguing mixed media collages.

Judging usually takes place in the autumn but in the meantime these art works provided a wonderful display at a Henley DFAS meeting held at Phyllis Court Club on 15 September.  The members were fascinated by the background inspiration and creativity of these works.  For instance, the sculpture called an Iron Man had been created from discarded materials while a mixed media collage had the theme of quails eggs painted on to light bulbs in a surrealistic manner.

The students whose works were chosen were Robyn Heary and Frederick Redman from The Henley College together with Isabel Abrans, Tom Dale, Isobel Harmer and Isabella London from the Piggott School.

All the students received a cheque for £50 and a certificate from the Henley DFAS President, The Lady Camoys.  The results of the competition will be announced in the autumn and we wish our students every success.