• Henley DFAS

The Spirit of Christmas

Online Thursday 10th December 2020 at 10.30am and repeated at 2.30pm. An email will be sent to you the day before this Christmas Show with a link to it.
Pepe Martinez and Simon Whitehouse


Whilst  Covid  restrictions are in place and a usual annual visit to the local panto is not going to happen, we decided to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to you from the comfort of your own homes.  This live online virtual tour “The Spirit of Christmas” will be celebrating all things Christmassy.

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Presented by London Blue Badge Tourist Guides Pepe Martinez and Simon Whitehouse, this extra special Christmas extravaganza will be in two parts.  Part one will explore the history of all those Christmas traditions we now take for granted such as Christmas crackers, mince pies, Christmas cards and the Christmas tree.

After a short interval part two will be a virtual version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol presented jointly by Simon and Pepe. Not wanting to give the game away, Pepe and Simon are keeping the contents of Part 2 a secret, so you’ll just have to tune in and find out, but we are promised lots of Dickensian locations and a few surprises.