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A Virtual Live Visit to Vienna - by scooter!

Thursday 29th July at 5.00pm (please note the time) An email will be sent to you the day before the visit with a link to it.
Susanne Waldeck
Highlights of Vienna - by scooter!
People's Gardens
Our guide Susanne will start in the beautiful People's Gardens and end at St. Stephans Cathedral, touching on the history, culture and music of Vienna.
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State Opera
We will hear about the Hapsburgs and the Third Reich, take in the Imperial Palace, State Opera, Lippizane Horses, Saint Michael Square, stylish Graben Street and St Peter’s Baroque church.

St Stephan's Cathedral
This is our last virtual visit of the summer so maybe have a glass of something in hand to enjoy the sights of Vienna. (The sun will be over the yardarm there at least!).
Susanne has been a private tour guide for five years and  passionately loves her job. She was born and raised in Vienna where she also attended Vienna University (Masters Degree in Tourism and Linguistics). She is married to an American and has dual citizenship US/Austrian.  She will show you the most important, and also the most charming parts of the city and instruct you on the sites and the history of Vienna.
An email will be sent to you 
the day before the Visit
with a link to it.