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Nature and Naturalism - The Suffolk Landscapes and Portraits of Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable and Sir Alfred Munnings

John Constable
Thursday 9 March 2017 (Booking on Thursday 19 Jannuary)
Sue Jenkins

This Study Day will mainly explore the landscape of Gainsborough and Constable who were both born in Suffolk, looking at how their upbringing laid the foundation for their subsequent work.  For Gainsborough it was 17th century Dutch landscapes that attracted him and provided the foil for his portraits, while for Constable it was the study of surrounding landscape and English climate which were so important.  We will also look at the work of Sir Alfred Munnings who painted exclusively in Norfolk and Suffolk and lived in Castle House in Dedham.

Sue Jenkins is a Henley DFAS favourite and will be accompanying our holiday to East Anglia in April 2017.