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‘I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth’ (Rev 21) : The Gothic Cathedral as the Heavenly Jerusalem

'I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth' (Revelations 21): The Gothic Cathedral as the Heavenly Jerusalem
Thursday 17th October 2024 10.45am and 2.15pm. Simultaneous transmission a.m. only
Emily Chappell
This lecture will consider the aims and motivations of the master masons who built the great Gothic cathedrals of England and France.
We will study several key buildings: their architecture and stained glass, the influence of liturgical practice and religious symbolism on their layout and the importance of light and colour in their interiors. We will look at the technical challenges and how these were overcome by an extraordinary determination to build Heavenly Jerusalem on earth.
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Emily Chappell has taught Art History for the past 20 years. She has lectured to sixth form students, adult groups of parents and colleagues, and has led study tours to various cities in Europe. Her experience lecturing a variety of audiences in terms of ages and interests has shaped her approach in combining scholarship with good humour. She has a degree in Art History and for her Masters at the Courtauld Institute of Art she specialised in the art and architecture of the Medieval period. Her research on the V&A Museum’s Naworth sculptures was awarded a distinction and published in 2007. She lives in the South Downs, loves Dachshunds and the rest of her family.