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Celebrating the Royal Academy 1768 – 2018

Pamela Campbell-Johnston
Thursday 19th April 2018
Pamela Campbell-Johnston
Britain’s oldest fine arts institution will be celebrating its 250th Anniversary in 2018. This lecture, written specifically to mark this significant anniversary, will look at the Royal Academy’s illustrious history, consider the influence of certain world-renowned Royal Academicians including such household names such as Reynolds, Constable, Turner, Munnings and more recently Hockney, Paolozzi, Craig-Martin and Gormley. There will also be a behind the scene look at the Summer Exhibition – held without interruption since 1769 and some anecdotal stories will also be revealed by the lecturer, based on her twelve year career with the institution. By charting its history through some intriguing and important archival photographs and considering its place in Britain’s rich artistic heritage, we can look to its future with much excitement and anticipation.
Pamela Campbell-Johnston studied Art History at the University of  St Andrews and has over 20 years lecturing experience to undergraduates, adult groups and to Friends and Patrons of the Royal Academy.