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Dod Procter RA (1890-1972): A Forgotten Newlyn Painter

Catherine Wallace
Thursday 21 September 2017
Catherine Wallace

Only the second woman after Laura Knight to be made a full Royal Academician in 1942 Dod Procter was famous in her day but has been sadly neglected and largely forgotten since.  This lecture looks at why she became famous and speculates on why she has been forgotten.  It traces her life and work from her early talent shown at the Forbes School of painting in Newlyn, to her fame which came overnight with the success of her painting Morning in 1926 at the Royal Academy.  Dod's subjects were the clothed figure, female nudes and flowers - her style was sculptural and sharp edged up until 1935 with the sudden death of her husband, the painter Ernest Procter.  After this, her work was more impressionistic.  She spent the last three decades of her life travelling and painting the native peoples of the West Indies and Africa but always came back to her home in Newlyn.

Back by popular demand after her very successful lectures on Dame Laura Knight in 2015, Catherine Wallace will once again bring her intoxicating mix of vast knowledge and dry sense of humour to this, her new lecture.