• Henley DFAS

Great Ocean Liners 1800 - 1950

Thursday 18th April 2019
James Taylor
Following his very popular AGM lecture last year on the Art of the Postcard and the many requests for his return, James is back to tell the extraordinary story of maritime design through art.
  The vision and genius of Isambard Kingdom Brunel underpins this global story of hopes and dreams, disasters and triumphs.  A wide range of ships are featured including Great Britain and Great Western, Lusitania and Mauretania, Olympic and Titanic and, arguably Britain’s most popular liner, the Queen Mary, brought to life through a diverse range of artworks, including some striking Art Deco posters.
James studied at the Universities of St Andrews and Manchester.  He is a former curator of paintings, drawings and prints, and co-ordinator of various exhibitions and galleries, at the National Maritime Museum.  His many publications include illustrated histories of Marine Painting and yachting art Yachts on Canvas.