• Henley DFAS

Heaven on Earth: The Art of Byzantium

Thursday 19th September 2019
John Osborne
This fascinating lecture looks at the main characteristics of the art of the Orthodox Church from the time when Constantinople was established as the capital of the Eastern Roman – and Christian – Empire
in the 4th century AD until its fall to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, and beyond.  The main emphasis will be on the architecture of some selected churches, icons and frescoes to explain the spiritual and religious messages and meanings that they convey.
John Osborne graduated in Classics at Cambridge University and for over 30 years taught classical subjects at Marlborough College, where he was Senior Master. He has worked for the British Council in Iran and Turkey, and lectures in Islamic Civilisation. He has lectured on cruises and been leader of numerous study tours to Bulgaria, Romania, Iran and Turkey and other countries in S.E. Europe and the Mediterranean.